Curse you Friendly’s!!

Look what Friendly’s did to me!

Cheryl and I took Josiah to Friendly’s for dinner last night. She and I both had burgers. We were also both up all night throwing up.

All those red splotches around my face are busted blood vessels from the most violent heaves I’ve ever had!

We checked the Mayo Clinic’s website for symptoms of food poisoning and we pretty much have them all. Awesome.


7 thoughts on “Curse you Friendly’s!!

  1. Dude, Call the local CDC. I got food poisoning (salmonella) when I was in 4th grade and my dad and I were in the hospital for a week. It was only through the reporting to CDC that the media and the public began to piece together that there were over 45 cases from within 24-48 hours of each other all from the same restaurant. Turned out that one of the kitchen help had the disease as a carrier, and didn’t practice proper cleanliness after using the john. There’s an appetizing thought huh?

    There ended up being a class action suite, which years later finally repaid my family for the crazy hospital bills and also paid for a good chunk of my freshman year of college.
    Not saying you should harass them, but if there’s a rash of sickness from one store, something is definately wrong and there will be lawsuits that follow.

  2. wow, that’s messed up buddy. food poisoning turned out to be a blessing for my father after getting it in mexico (yeah, we were all shocked). found out in the hospital he had an aneurysm in his knee. and then b/c he was in the hospital he ended up quitting smoking after 4 decades of 3 packs daily (ironically he bought suitcases full of marlboros on the cheap south of the border).

    the point is, this can be a way for you to get off burgers. get that neck back, buddy >:P just trying to find a silver lining…

    also, that pic is very captivating – not in a haha shane’s sick and was violently ill way, but the expression on your face…idk, i’m thinking we’ve got ourselves a new icon here.

  3. “the point is, this can be a way for you to get off burgers. get that neck back, buddy >:P just trying to find a silver lining…”

    lol… ouch.

  4. I didn’t get the burst blood vessels like Shane but at least he felt better the next morning. I’m still not feeling great. I did get some good sleep last night though so that helped but man, I don’t think I’ll eat another burger for a very long time.

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