Guilty pleasure

I admit it. I don’t hate this song. In fact, when it came on the radio in my car yesterday I found myself turning it up and humming along … a little.

Alright, now it’s your turn to come clean. What’s your current guilty pleasure?


19 thoughts on “Guilty pleasure

  1. Reality TV in small doses, especially America’s Next Top Model. Maybe I just like to see gorgeous, skinny girls get eliminated. ; )

  2. Ok – so you wanna knows funny? Before I even opened your message to see what song you were actually talking about – I guesse it correctly! I admit – Ilike the song too…and I hear it constantly since I have a young girl in the house how is a HUGE Miley Cyrus fan!

  3. ok, i realize that even though we dont’ have cable in my apt and are therefore very limited in our selection, that is still NO excuse for having TMZ on…but said on there that in japanese they’re the “brack eyed peas”. my aunt is pissed!

  4. Hmm…ok.

    Usually mine are from flagrant nostalgia…like Belle & Sebastian’s “Summer Breeze” or Bryan Adams “Heaven” or something.

  5. Ok… Black Eyed Peas are decent, and catchy sometimes… But Miley? Really? I only say this in love because you’ve told me this to bring me back to reality in my times of stupidity…

    Your man card is revoked.

        1. You say that like the lyrics “While shivering in my shoes, I strike a careless pose and whistle a happy tune. And no one ever knows, I’m afraid” were written by John Eldredge or something. 😆

          1. You just implicate yourself though, because I have no clue what that’s from. I’m assuming it’s a Webber lyric, but I’m lost as to what.

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