5 thoughts on “Redemption?

  1. i’m friggin’ disgusted. what kind of world is this? phil jackson has eclipsed red auerbach? kobe wins his 4th title (side note: top 9 out 10 champions are all celtics)? the lakers are now only 2 behind boston? i only care about 2 things in the nba – boston winning & l.a. losing. i got neither this year. hmph.

  2. Do you think Kobe’s image has been restored? The whole “uncoachable” thing seems to have gone away, and I haven’t heard anyone imply that he’s a bad teammate lately.

    There will always be folks who hold the Colorado incident over him. But even that part of his life seems to be restored if you saw how his family was around him last night.

  3. well, honestly, i still think the guy’s guilty, so that puts a serious negative spin on my opinion of him. but, i think apart from that there’s his cockiness, his entitlement, his stupid face. to me he’s like the a-rod of basketball. or jaromir jagr or t.o. i just can’t stand him!

  4. Who’s giving him high-fives for the #4 he keeps flashing? Only Phil and Derek Fisher were with him for the prior Shaq-ed titles. I find the four-flashing quite telling.

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