The perfect lunch break.

I do believe I just had the perfect lunch break.

The weather is gorgeous today so I decided it would be nice to get outside for some fresh air during lunch. The Jazz Fest is going on this week, so when my wife told me about the free concerts at the downtown library it was a no-brainer as to where I’d be heading on my walk.

My ten minute stroll took me through Washington Square Park which was particularly peaceful this afternoon as dozens of business people enjoyed their lunches in the shade of the trees that line the park. I bought a Zweigle’s from one of the vendors and continued to make my way toward the library.

The sounds of live jazz filled the air as I crossed the street. I was a bit surprised it was so loud as the concert was supposed to be taking place inside the library’s auditorium. As it turns out, the weather was so nice that they chose to move the concert outdoors to the Dorris Carlson Reading Garden.  The reading garden quickly became one of my new favorite spots in the city.  Its lush green trees and well manicured bushes make it a great little oasis, tucked behind the library among the tallest buildings in the downtown business district.

The band that played beneath the gazebo was made up of Eastman students who knew their way pretty well around a few standards by Herbie Hancock and Frank Sinatra. The opening chords of  Sinatra’s “Witchcraft” proved too inviting for one elderly couple who simply couldn’t resist the urge to get up and dance. Right in the middle of the crowd of about a hundred or so that had assembled in the garden. I couldn’t help but smile at them, we all did. I think that deep down we all envied their youth.

After the band played their final number I enthusiastically joined the applause. Bright sunny skies make any live music set that much better.

A quick ten minute walk back to the office and I was ready to take on the second half of my day. Still humming “Witchcraft.”


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