NOOMA Corner | 023 Rob Bell

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6 thoughts on “NOOMA Corner | 023 Rob Bell

  1. was pretty legit….i don’t mind listening to bell’s stuff cause it makes you think…i think his view on the bible is heretical….
    I wonder what he meant by God isn’t fair…. i think i understand but curious

    1. I think to understand what Bell is driving at, one need to look no further than the parable of the prodigal son.

      Certainly from the older son’s perspective, the father’s grace to the younger son wasn’t fair to him. I mean, his brother gave his father the ultimate slap in the face by demanding his inheritance while his father was still living, was given the lion’s share of the estate and then squandered it all on “loose living.” When the fattened calf was slaughtered in celebration of his younger brother’s return, that must have ripped the heart out of the older brother who had been faithful (or so he thought) to his father all along.

      But yet God’s grace is meted out how, and to whom He chooses.

      1. Shane, have you heard Tim Keller’s take on the prodigal son? He presents it as a comparison between the two brothers. The younger son is the wayward sinner, and the older brother is the uptight religious bigot. Both are loved and accommodated by the father. It’s a nice analysis. I like Bell’s piece too.

  2. I just read Keller’s The Prodigal God. I almost launched into his spiel, but held back. It fits the parallels found in most other parables too. It’s not so much about the younger sons “salvation” as a story about how both brothers were actually lost.

    Good stuff.

  3. As my faith evolves, I find myself moving away from Rob Bell. I have no strong disagreement with him, I mainly just don’t like his flamboyance. I also think he manipulates the Old Testament quite a bit. This passage he mentions from Deuteronomy isn’t all that radical. It’s just good practical advice; as is most of Deuteronomy (much of which doesn’t even correlate to modern times). Most small business owners in America accept the idea that they have a social responsibility to help in their communities. I know that there are many businesses that are not socially responsible, but my point is that I wouldn’t necessarily credit Moses and Christianity for all the restaurant owners who contribute to local food banks. Leaving your excess for the poor and needy is a societal standard in the world we live in. I think there are passages in the New Testament that go way beyond, “leave your excess” in terms of how we should treat the poor. The notion that this means that God isn’t fair is just absurd. Rob would say that our inherent selfishness makes us think God is unfair, but in this specific case I would simply blame that on immaturity. I agree with Rob in that generosity is more about you and your heart, than it is about what you do with your money. However, anyone with enough expendable cash to blow on overpriced Nooma videos should at least be reminded of what Jesus and Paul preached about money.

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