This bride knows how to make an entrance!


6 thoughts on “This bride knows how to make an entrance!

  1. this is by far the most posted vid i’ve ever seen on facebook. literally 2 dozen friends posted it. not that it isn’t spectacular…

    if i don’t elope i’d want to do it this way. take all that stress and craziness out of the traditional marriage. but, i’d probably have to pick the groomsmen based on flexablity, and that leaves me wtih few options >:P

  2. I have several favorite parts of this video.

    The confused look of the two older ladies in the back in the beginning… “What is that awful sound coming from the front of the church?”

    The old lady (grandmother?) in the front who is clapping along.

    As weird as it sounds, this song is a great wedding tune.

    But my favorite part is how much this reminds me of weddings in other cultures. Where singing and dancing lead the bride to the altar, etc.

    Let’s face it. This is the wedding we all wish we had.

  3. I love this too! Looks like it was so much fun for them, and really how you would hope everyone would feel about getting married and sharing it with those you love!

  4. Sorry Shane, thats my response above, not yours of course. For some reason your info was in the spaces above, and I didn’t delete them.

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