Do they serve crow at Fenway?


Ortiz and Ramirez Said to Be on 2003 Doping List


16 thoughts on “Do they serve crow at Fenway?

  1. we can say this at least (that we know of…and ignorance is bliss) the yankees didn’t win any WS with the help of PED’s….
    i think since it was broken artificially ..i hear by reinstate THE CURSE

  2. ok, it’s my birthday. this is messed up. i’m done with all sports besides hockey. seriously, it was like a punch to the gut, which makes me painfully naive, but whatevs.

    as far as the not winning without PED’s, you also haven’t won since going over $200 million every single year…or having more players then any other team using PED’s. but, who cares. it’s all b.s. even the guys who stopped roids or aren’t using them are most likely on HGH. i’m just waiting for pujols to get named next and have all faith in anything from my childhood not being ruined shattered. long live hockey.

  3. roger said he didn’t do it…so we have to believe him….
    I do find it ironic that in football you use PED’s use get in trouble but your name isn’t marred…baseball you become the long lost brother of satan if you are associated with PED’s

  4. I’ve been contemplating the same thing Ryan.

    The only thing I’ve come up with is that baseball is the ultimate individualistic team sport. If that makes sense.

    I also think it has to do with the way they are trickling this thing along. And for that I blame MLB and Selig. Just get it all out in the open and get over with it already.

    … and give Canseco a medal while you’re at it.

  5. Papi said he didn’t do it too. So did A-Rod. And Sosa. And Palmeiro. Etc, etc.

    Clemens says he didn’t do it so we’ll take him at his word? He was mentioned 82 times in the Mitchell report. He’s still being investigated by the Feds and could face perjury charges for lying under oath. He’s hardly squeaky clean in this, and has definitely yet to be vindicated if he is innocent.

    And what about Andy Pettite?

    Shouldn’t Canseco be admitted to the Hall of Fame for “contributions to the sport of baseball”? Wouldn’t that be a hoot! But who else are you going to credit for cleaning up the MLB? Fehr? Selig? Puh-leese.

    (Excuse me as I hit “play” again.)

    Red Sox fans are special. And especially quiet today. Must still be chewing that mouthful of crow. 😆

    Oh and add Bronson Arroyo to the list of juicers on that ’04 team. His saying “it’s possible” that he’s on the list sure sounds like a pre-emptive strike to me.

    So that’s the heart of their lineup and a key reliever in games 5 and 6 in the ALCS and games 1 and 4 in the World Series. Nah, that ’04 fairytale isn’t tarnished in the slightest. 😆

    Re: Papi’s positive test despite all his anti-steroid talk, Dan Shaughnessy had the best analogy today on the Jim Rome show. “It’s like the TV evangelist getting caught in bed with a hooker.” Indeed.

  6. you’re an evil little man, butrose! this is like finding out santa claus isn’t real. but, hell, you wanna put a big massive asterisk next to ’04, go ahead (though, there is ’07, too, so puh-lease with the “curse renewed” jibba jabba), but then again, how clean do you honestly think that late 90’s yanks clubhouse was? who knows. it’s guilty until proven innocent from here on out. and even if someone aint on roids i still say chances are good they’re doing HGH. baseball, you’re dead to me.

    and it’s different from football b/c those guys are friggin’ barbarians. they’re crazy to not use PED’s!!!

  7. (Pressing play again.)

    Hey. I’m not looking to hang an * on that championship. I’m just saying that Snow White woke up next to the witch’s dead rotten corpse (which her dwarf minions murdered!) instead of being kissed by a prince. That’s all.

    No asterisk. Just that fairy tale has been tainted by a bitter coat of reality.

    For the rest of us baseball fans it’s been “guilty until proven innocent” for half a decade already. Glad you guys finally woke up from your gumdrop dreams.

    Now put Don Mattingly in the Hall dammit. Because if he had taken a sip from Papi’s cup, he would have gone another six productive years.

  8. i was being sarcastic about roger…..the dude could be baseball’s bill romanowski, at least in craziest
    this is how i look at it….since it is assumed that it is all were tainted and most were doing something beyond eating their wheaties it was “level” playing field

  9. I have been out in the woods for a week and a half or i may have responded earlier. But really, is anyone on earth surprised at this?

    Only thing it proves to me is your yankees couldnt win with Steroids and 200 million.

    The sport and all sports have been broken for decades and noone really gives a crap to be honest.

    Athletes in all sports can do whatever they want and americans will still pay to watch them. Dui and kill a man? It’s Ok. Illegal drug use? No worries. Have 10 illegitamate children? Whats the big deal? Beat the hell out of your wife/girlfriend? Shell recover. Implicated in a homicide? Who cares. Kill a dog? your f*ked.

    This is why I don’t watch sports anymore.

    Entertain Me….

    1. Only thing it proves to me is your yankees couldnt win with Steroids and 200 million.

      You’re not the first Red Sox fan I’ve heard make this point. But isn’t it a bit of an assenine point? So the Yanks couldn’t do it, but the Red Sox did? What the heck does that prove? Wanna compare World Series victories outside of the steroid era?

      1. i don’t think championships from before when you were born should count. unless we’re talking celtics b/c that way it helps me 🙂

        my short vacation in canada helped me get some perspective on this. it sucks. but, i love baseball, i love the game. and, i’m a new englander. so, for better or worse i’ll be a sox fan til i die i s’pose.

        agreed on mattingly, as much as i disliked him as a kid. just like with jim rice, with all the inflated PED stats now taken into consideration, guys like mattingly and rice can be appreciated more.

  10. i’d say we react more vehemently to baseball players using PED’s because of the “sacredness” of the records. baseball has always been and always will be more tied to their history than any other sport.

    these guys are screwing with our childhood memories of what greatness really was…without it feeling like we’re witnessing a “new” greatness. instead, it feels like we’re watching sleaze.

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