David Bazan – Curse Your Branches

For all of our resident David Bazan fans …

His solo debut Curse Your Branches will be released tomorrow, but you can listen to a stream of it all this week at Spinner.

You can also tune in to watch an “online house show” tonight at 8PM hosted by Brooklyn Vegan.


6 thoughts on “David Bazan – Curse Your Branches

  1. I like what Ive listened to so far I think I have heard a good portion of the album live hear or there. Ill likely pick it up tomorrow and try to dive into the lyrics.

  2. the drinking problem has ceased since going agnostic. when i saw him early on solo (after the ep came out) and begged for “secret of the easy yoke” (well bribed with beer) and he said “i don’t do those (i.e. songs related to jesus) songs anymore”, we hung out afterwards for a bit and had some drinks (SOME) and he seemed much happier and sober then the 2 times i saw him as PTL. i’m really looking forward to seeing him again in october. him & jeff tweedy are my 2 favorite artists live. amazing crowd interaction. and music, obvs.

  3. This album tears at me… I’ve had it as the backround music for my days since tuesday. I wish I knew where he has gotten so lost. I’ve been rereading “searching for God knows what” while listening to curse your branches it seems like there is so much that would have been pertinent to david in the book. I love the album but it makes me terribly sad.

  4. i’ve seen such a parallel in my personal life with a good friend. except, my good friend is now claiming atheism based on his being mad at God. it always comes from something personal, between the individual and God. so, in that regard, i suppose there’s no way “to know”. it’s bazan’s journey, he’s being an honest artist, and when i saw him last year after the ep came out and left so sad about the rejection of jesus thing, my friends told me “you seriously didn’t see this coming?”. and then i thought about it. lyrically, he’s had that kierkegaardian view and flannery o’connor storytelling where sometimes you can’t tell if he’s talkign about characters or himself. i think he was talking about himself more then perhaps we’d thought. here’s a great article…

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