Pick ‘Em and Win!

We do it every year, and it’s that time again. Simply pick the winners of each game on the NFL schedule each week. At the end of the year the winner gets the satisfaction of knowing how unsurpassingly awesome they truly are. This season the winner will also gets a prize!

We have room for fifty so sign up today!

In order to join the group, just go to Pro Football Pick’em and enter the following information. You will a Yahoo account to register:

Group ID#: 50903
Password: bertou


5 thoughts on “Pick ‘Em and Win!

  1. Why does it say “underdog”? I hope I did it right, this is my first time to play fantasy football, so I feel like I don’t know what I am doing. What I do know is, I am all for all Texas teams in general – even the Texans. We are a great nation!

  2. Just to be clear … this isn’t fantasy football. That’s a completely different animal alltogether.

    We’re playing Pick ‘Em. Which just means you pick who you think will win the games each week. For each game there is a team that is favored to win, which is determined by the odds makers in Vegas. The team that isn’t expected to win is called the “underdog.”

    For your first year playing, or doing anything like this at all, I’d say a reasonable goal is to try to beat Josiah. He picks the games by the colors of their helmets. 😆

    1. I keep up with my Texas teams and I know how football is played 😉 I may be seeing Dallas play against Philadelphia in their new stadium Jan 3!!! I just wasn’t sure why some were named “Underdog” and if that was your doing, or how that was determined.

      I may do what Josiah is doing, or I may look at each teams collective “aura” and choose that way 😛

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