President Obama’s Address to America’s Students

President Obama’s “highly controversial” address to America’s students was broadcast ive on Tuesday at 12PM EST. I have posted the recorded version from C-SPAN’s YouTube page. You can also read a transcript of the speech.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


6 thoughts on “President Obama’s Address to America’s Students

  1. My 7 yr old told me that the President sounds like me. I asked him why. He replied, “You’re always telling us to be responsible.” Hmmmm, and his speech was controversal why?

  2. anyone familiar with me knows i am constantly complaining about the 2 party system and am no fan of the corporate controlled DNP. i am as, if not more, critical of the obama administration then most GOPers (just doing it based on progressive, independent ideology, not insanity like glenn beck and his minions). however, can i just scream this –

    WHAT IS CONTROVERSIAL?!?! HE’S THE FRIGGIN’ PRESIDENT!!! look. for 8 years half the country had to suck it up and deal with having a president they didn’t like. but, he was still the president. if he wanted to talk to kids, it was no big deal. now we’re seeing the sorriest sack of sour grapes i’ve ever witnessed freakin’ out over the PRESIDENT addressing students. he got elected. deal with it. of course, the sheer unbridled hypocrisy of all those hordes of people shouting “unpatriotic!” at those who dared to be critical of W have made all that anti-bush stuff look like childs play. seriously, this is getting beyond ridiculous. i abhor the 2 party system, i am critical constantly of obama as i was of W, but this xenophobic, insular, conspiratorial glenn beck POV that is taking over regular conservative people is scaring the bejesus out of me.

    another irony…conservatives look back to the “good old days” seek to recapture it…oh, you mean when people respected government and in particular THE PRESIDENT?!?! good God help us.

  3. I think the Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, FOX News types are doing Conservatism a huge disservice. They try so hard to paint Obama as “the most liberal President ever” (a downright laughable notion to most liberals I know) and scare the pants off anyone who will listen. They’re stirring things up so much that all of a sudden we’ve got people on the right bringing their guns to town hall meetings, people are getting their fingers bitten off over disagreements about health care reform, they’re pulling their kids out of school so they won’t have to listen to the President’s address. It’s absolute freaking insanity.

    I hope the more that we see people screaming at town hall meetings – or this most recent outcry over nothing concerning the student address – the more people are tuning the zealots out. Most of my Conservative friends are pretty level-headed and sane. But, for some reason Glenn Beck never invites them on his programs.

  4. Two prominent people gave speeches to school children yesterday. The mere fact that one of these individuals was giving a speech enraged parents so much that they ripped their children from school, threatened school administrators and screamed bloody murder on every radio talk show and cable network because they were afraid of what their children might be subjected to.

    The other speech was given by Michael Vick.

  5. well, again, the thing is with beck if you take him seriously (which i don’t understand HOW that’s possible), obama is in beck’s words “uber-left” and a “black militant”. the question that raises to me is, if obama is far left, what the hell am i?!?! i must be cap’n commie over here. and i’d say i see a split with my conservative friends in regard to how seriously they take that wacko & his like, but my ma sure does love him, and thinks every crazy conspiratorial thing he says is from God’s lips to his ears. even my telling her “he’s a mormon” didn’t turn her off, and i thought that’d be fool-proof! >:P

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