The House that Fire Built – An Update

Back in January I told you all about a project the band Mae was working on to help provide a home for Rhonda Floyd and her three children through Habitat for Humanity. The band released a song each month through their website and donated the proceeds to the project. Four months, four songs and over $65,000 in donations later Rhonda and her children have a new home.

The band refers to this project as the (m)orning chapter of their 12 month effort to use their music to make a difference in people’s lives. Now that the project has been completed the accompanying 10-song EP is available for purchase.

Now Mae has moved on to the (a)fternoon chapter. This time they are raising money to support, an organization that helps public school teachers in underfunded schools provide textbooks and other classroom materials for their students.

Mae’s mothers must be so proud.


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