It only takes a spark …

A week ago I asked you all to join Cheryl and I as we help feed Rochester’s homeless this Thanksgiving. I wasn’t sure if anyone would respond but thought I’d at least give others the opportunity be a part of something good during the upcoming holiday season.

I’m really excited to report that a few people have responded. Four other people have stepped up to the challenge and have donated money to Open Door Mission so far. If a handful of people have been so responsive already, what’s to stop us from doing more?

Let’s set the bar a little higher, shall we? How about we shoot for a goal of 10 donors by the end of the week? We’re halfway there already!


5 thoughts on “It only takes a spark …

  1. Levi donated. I feel embarrassed cause I dont like announcing things like this, but I didn’t know how you were keeping stats to reach y’alls goal and whatnot.

  2. Thanks Levi … errrr … Selena. 🙂

    I can appreciate some folks being hesitant to make any kind of public announcement about their contributions. I think there’s plenty of good ol’ fashioned godly reasoning behind that. Jesus talked alot about doing good deeds in private/secret. If for no other reason than to keep our egos in check.

    But the Bible also says alot about transparency in giving as well. The early church laid everything at the apostles feet (Must’ve been a pretty public thing!) before it was distributed to the poor, the needy, orphans and widows.

    Here’s my take…

    Whichever anyone decides is between them and God. Both have equal merit in my eyes, and I think in God’s eyes as well. God might use your public declaration to inspire someone else. He might use your secret act of benevolence as a way of refinement or teaching as well.

    It’s all good. And it’s all appreciated.

    Tell that moppy headed squirrel of yours that a few homeless Yankees said “thanks.” 🙂

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