Did Rivera throw a spitter?

So a little controversy has been brewing today over some video captured during last night’s ALCS game that has been posted on YouTube.

In the video Yankees closer Mariano Rivera appears to look around to see if anyone’s watching and then unleashes the most unholy of loogies on the baseball. Now granted, we never actually get to see where the spit lands, but the evidence sure does appear damning.

It’s impossible for me to believe that his entire 15-year dominance of Major League hitters has merely been the result of some performance enhancing saliva. So I don’t think he’s a habitual hawker. But if he did resort to cheating last night I’m gonna have to say “bad form!” Though it pains me to do so.

UPDATE: It didn’t take long for MLB to sound off on this. The league issued a statement absolving Rivera of any wrongdoing, claiming that the video was inconclusive.


4 thoughts on “Did Rivera throw a spitter?

  1. Count me among the skeptics, if only because it would make me break down and cry. But that fast cut doesn’t show anything conclusive, if you ask me. Plus, if he were throwing a spitter, would he really spit on it in plain view like that?

    Now that video of A-Rod grabbing Jeter’s ass… that IS damning.

  2. I was skeptical of the whole “in plain view” thing as well. From what I’ve read, he was facing the outfield at the time. So, if the umps weren’t looking it might be a little easier to get away with.

    However, I still refuse to believe that if he were that blatant about spitting on the ball he could have possibly gotten away with it for this long.

    Makes me think that if he did do it, it was situational. ALCS. Big inning in a close game. Etc. Wouldn’t excuse it, but still …

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