Underground and out of mind in Rochester city schools?

Yesterday we had one of the neighborhood kids over for dinner.  As he and Josiah were savegely biting the heads of dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets, leaving their headless carcases in a pool of barbeque flavored blood,  I asked him about what he learned in school that day.

He told me that he learned about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. When I asked him for specifics he mentioned that he learned about how she was brave, and that she fought for what she believed in by helping slaves escape to freedom. When I asked him if his teacher had mentioned the prominent role Rochester had played in the Underground Railroad he said “no.” The look in his eyes seemed to say, “Wow, that’s really cool! I wonder why my teacher never mentioned that!?”

I died a little inside.

He later informed me that next week they’re going to learn about Frederick Douglass.  Hopefully his teacher will bother to mention that he’s buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery.

For more on Rochester’s role in the Underground Railroad:


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