Free Derek Webb!

I have an unopened copy of Derek Webb’s newest album Stockholm Syndrome that I’m giving away for free to one lucky reader!

To be eligible for the drawing simply leave a comment below expressing your thoughts about Derek’s “controversial” song from the album titled “What Matters More?” The winner will be selected at random on Monday, October 26th.

What Matters More? – Derek Webb

*Please note: This is not the “explicit” version of the album. This is the edited version which omits the song “What Matters More.” You can download that track for free at

We have a winner! Congratulations to Jonathan N. who was randomy selected. Thanks everyone for your comments and insight. It’s been great reading your thoughts!


27 thoughts on “Free Derek Webb!

  1. Found you from your comment on Backseat Writer & I would LOVE to win that copy of Derek Webb’s cd! I like this music because it challenges me to THINK about things I’ve always taken for granted, or thought I “knew the right answers to”. I’m finding God’s opinions on matters are not always as far to the right as I had previously always trusted they were. =)

  2. To begin with I do enjoy Derek Webb’s music and I think he is a great guy. I like what I’ve heard from this CD (although I don’t own it). I don’t find cussing offensive or sinful. None of the above reasons are why I don’t agree with Webb. Paul says that we should be encouraging to other believers. We should not do anything that would discourage other believers and especially not to be condescending. This is what I feel Webb does with this CD.

    Most if not all of Webb’s listeners will agree with his stance. While having a problem with homosexuality in general we should not be hateful to those that have homosexual tendencies. Most if not all of Webb’s continual listeners have no problem with this CD. So, if his listeners don’t have a problem who does? It is those that don’t subscribe to the same beliefs as Webb. The people that have anything bad to say about anything are those have have more of a problem with him cussing than they do of the message. Webb, is a guy that enjoys shocking people.

    From what I have heard on the CD, talked to people about, and read other sources, it seems to me that Webb made this CD (and specifically “What Matters More”) for the sake of controversy. While I would agree that the Bible is controversial, we should not add more shock value to make it that much more offensive, especially if it’s other believers. I feel as though Webb could have stated what he wanted to state without the controversy around it. He could have been much more edifying about the message and ultimately won more people to his side in that respect. Instead, I feel he wrongly called out people. He called out the people that aren’t going to say “Yes! The new Derek Webb CD is out!” Instead he called out people that could care less about him. He, in one sense, challenged his listeners, but his listeners already agree with him, so in my opinion it was pointless controversy created on his part.

    1. So wrong. Webb did not create this for the sake of controversy. I spoke with him for an interview recently (see other comments I posted) and it’s quite the contrary.

      To assume such is assinine. Using the word “shit” is merely a literary device, like the one employed by Tony Campolo in his (in)famous sermon.

      I can’t see how he’s calling out his listeners or how you’d come to such a conclusion.

  3. I know DW was going for the shock-and-awe effect, but I don’t think it was necessary. He could have been relevant and convicting without the use of crass language. I personally find expletives and crassness to be lazy and unimaginative. Does it offend me? No. However, I’m sure that it does offend some Christians. Is it their fault? Yes and no. Each Christian has liberties to exercise for the glory of Christ, and they will vary from person to person. I Corinthians 8:9 (and the entire chapter) is a good example of what a conscientious, God-honoring Christian should do… “But take care that this right of yours does not somehow become a stumbling block to the weak” (ESV). I’m not saying DW is not a follower of Christ or condemning him, but weaker brethren need to be considered also.

  4. I love the song. Think it should be played in every youth ministry in this country. If there was more Christain music like this, I might listen to it more often. I think Derek’s song encourages us to think critically about what it really means to be Christain and reminds us that “humility” is perhaps one part of the Christian character that we have forgotten about in recent years. Derek’s song pushes us to confront the sin of the Church in the way that it has excluded others Jesus would have embraced.

  5. I think it’s an issue that needs to be addressed. Did he have to “cuss”? No. But, did it hurt anything? No. Was it what he felt as an artist? Probably. Did it make me think? Yes. Language that is not accepted (which is a little silly in and of itself) by a portion of the culture aside, it was a thoughtful song that i don’t think was being mean or bringing brothers down, but calling some on the mat. There’s a difference. Was it in a loving way? Heck, I’m not Derek Webb. That’s between him and God.

  6. I am going to try to listen to that interview…but what people don’t understand (because they’re so muddle-headed) is that the offensive parts are NOT the cuss words…if anything, that was Webb stealing Campolo’s shtick and was a far cry from being thought-provoking. If anything, it’s confusing….to “just sit there and not give a shit”…is he saying we sit down and are constipated? Would we like to shit, but can’t? All I know is I picked up some fiber after hearing that just to be sure I did sit and give a shit.

    I’m no ninny when it comes to hearing cussing…but to call it literary device is as asinine as a stupid looking mohawk.

  7. The song challenges me and my personal Christian beliefs. I find it really interesting how this topic has been brought to my attention recently. I have a bumper sticker that shows a man and a woman equals a family. I am attending college right now and I recently got hate notes put on my car from people who were offended by my bumper sticker. Then, I hear this song by Derek Webb about what truly matters to me as a Christian more. Do I, as a Christian, want to focus on one particular sin that people struggle with and show anger towards them? Or, do I want to focus on people who deal with all kinds of sins and encourage them and help them. To me, this song challenges me to see people who struggle with homosexuality as the rest of people who struggle with all sorts of sins. As a Christian I am not supposed to judge but to love as Christ loved and to spread the good news of salvation by means of Christ as a savior.

  8. I commend Derek’s convictions, we should love people. Even in What Matters More, I can understand why he would feel the need to use harsh language to address something as serious as the way the church deals with the homosexual community. There is a general lack of love and compassion in the overarching attitude of the evangelical church towards people living homosexual lifestyles.
    At the same time, I don’t know that using that language was the wisest, or most helpful thing. The audience he is trying to speak to is going to immediately dismiss him simply because he used a curse word in a song. I know it sounds silly, but that’s the way it is. So the only thing that this song can do (if I’m right) is further alienate him from this group, and get a lot of nodding heads from people who already agreed with him in the first place.

    1. I commend Derek’s convictions, we should love people.

      Can someone please refer me to this large mass of Christians that hate homosexuals?

      There is a general lack of love and compassion in the overarching attitude of the evangelical church towards people living homosexual lifestyles.

      Where are these Christians?

      This is all platitude, no substance…that’s DW’s problem as well.

  9. The controversial language is an interesting choice to draw attention to an issue that always needs to be reiterated. That is: how we appear on the surface vs. how we actually feel. Do we try to appear loving or do we love as God loves?

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