Introducing “Josiah and Friends”!!

Several weeks ago I took Josiah to go hear former NBA star Manute Bol speak at the University of Rochester. He was giving a presentation on his current effort to build schools in the war-torn country of Sudan.

At the end of the talk there was a Q&A session and Josiah asked me if he could ask Manute a question. Curious as to what he might ask – albeit a little nervous about what might come out of his mouth – I encouraged him to raise his hand. When they passed the microphone to Josiah he stood up and asked …

I’m only six. What can I do?

The audience let out a collective “awwwww” while Manute chuckled and scrambled to come up with an answer. He told Josiah that if he wrote a letter to the kids in his village, he would make sure that it got to them. On the way back to the car we talked about what he wanted to say in his letter. Then he said, “I’m gonna put two dollars from my piggy bank in there to help them pay for their school too!” Then he told me he wanted to ask other people to give money to the project as well!

Over the next couple of weeks we talked alot about his ideas. We talked about all the fun ways we could tell his story, and what tools we could use to share his story with the most people. In the end he came up with the vision for It’s a website where he will be able to share his story, and the story of Sudan. He’s going to post videos updating everyone on the progress of the project, as well as sharing everything he is learning about the country and people of Sudan.

Mom and dad are providing the tech support and guidance, but this is definitely all Josiah’s doing. So we hope you’ll check in from time to time and offer him not only your encouragement, but your financial support as well!


6 thoughts on “Introducing “Josiah and Friends”!!

  1. Clearly you guys are amazing parents and living a life reflecting Christ which is evident through your children. I’ve added the site to my blog and I pray for BIG things for you guys and Josiah. What an awesome kid with a HUGE heart!! 🙂

  2. That’s very kind of you to say Amanda. Thank you very much.

    He’s a bright kid with a ton of compassion for others. Just about all a parent could ask I suppose…

    Thanks for the support too!

  3. Thanks everyone for the early support for Josiah and Friends. In just five days the website has been viewed 400+ times, he has 169 fans on Facebook and has raised over $100 to help build schools in Sudan. He’s very excited about it all!

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