It’s Classic time!

Ever since that one magical, snowy New Years Day in 2008 – when the Sabres played the Penguins outdoors at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo – the Winter Classic has become a tradition in the Bertou household. We fire up the deep frier, cook a few batches of wings, toss back a couple of Labatt Blues and watch the game.

This year is extra special because our buddy Tim is going to actually be at the game cheering on his beloved Bruins, seated right behind home plate!

I know we have a bunch of sports fans who come around here. Do any of you look forward to the Winter Classic each year?


5 thoughts on “It’s Classic time!

  1. I’m crossing my fingers for much, much colder temps for you guys tomorrow. Rain would be terrible. They’d have to play it on Saturday instead.

    The league is supposed to decide today….

  2. Great game! The hockey gods were smiling down on the city of Boston today, that’s for sure!

    Perfect conditions. Low-scoring but exciting game. The announcement of Team USA (w/ Ryan Callahan – word!)

  3. you worried about miller getting tired? i’m actually glad thomas is on b/c i want to see tuukka rask in net more in the 2nd half. it was funny at the game how everyone booed at the announcement of kessel, and on the jumbo screen you just the kid wearing the jersey, and i said “i hope they prepared that kid so he doesn’t think they’re booing HIM!” 🙂

  4. I’m a little nervous about Miller. They seem to be using Lalime more of late. But the fact of the matter is, he’s not the most trust worthy back up. He’s been better these past couple of games than he was early on, and even last year. I just pray to Lord Stanley that Miller doesn’t get hurt again…

    That was funny when they booed Kessel. I said basically the same thing to Cheryl.

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