Mark Driscoll Tweets from Hell

Over the past couple of days I have been following pastor Mark Driscoll’s Tweets from Haiti. He is on the ground in Port-au-Prince with a team of pastors and other church leaders he helped form called Churches Helping Churches. They are there ministering to churches, pastors and the people of Haiti during this time of immense crisis.

These Tweets have been chilling to say the least. Here are some examples.

Landed in hell but doing well. The soldiers first words off the plane were u will now see a crisis of biblical proportions.
about 23 hours ago

Just bought ice cream for a hundred kids sleeping outside. Heard gunshot behind me a teenage boy got shot in head and died immediately
about 21 hours ago

The photo is rotted bodies in front of the Wesleyan church that was a thousand people til destroyed
about 18 hours ago

Just prayed for a 24 yr old xn man digging the body of his 26 yr old brothers body from a rubble heap – he was the worship leader.
about 17 hours ago

Haitians are literally walking around stunned, not crying and just shell shocked.
about 3 hours ago

It’s a war zone here in Haiti. There are no supplies, roads are closed etc.
about 3 hours ago

Got to sleep indoors on concrete with a backpack pillow. God was gracious and I slept well and feel good, praise God.
about 2 hours ago

Pray for this pastor. He just got back from his wifes funeral. He was teaching bible college when the earthquake hit and she was buried. He also lost his home & sleeps outside homeless with 4 young sons.
about 1 hour ago

Please keep Mark, his team and the people of Haiti in your prayers.


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