Will Jesus fulfill us here on Earth?

As Christians, most of us were taught that there is a “God shaped hole” in our hearts and only by accepting Jesus can we fill that void and find fulfillment in our lives.

I’ve often struggled with this thought. Mostly because many of the Christians that I know, who love Jesus more than anything else in the world, are also among some of the most miserable people I know. It never quite added up for me.

In this clip – taken from his A Million Miles in a Thousand Years speaking tour – Don Miller explores the idea of finding fulfillment in Jesus as the “Act 3 Climax” to the story of our lives. He also points out how we might be getting that part of the story completely wrong.


4 thoughts on “Will Jesus fulfill us here on Earth?

  1. He’s really onto something. The reason so many non-believers are dismissive of Christianity (and so many believers secretly disillusioned) is that the faith has been propped up as an alternative method of fulfillment. The mistake is in assuming the same terms, categories, and goals as the world does, instead of redefining what fulfillment itself is. We spend so much time trying to justify God against culture, and far too little on correcting fundamental cultural premise problems.

    If we discuss Christ on the world’s terms, the brokenness of Christians and the persistence of evil are real problems. In the context of history and scripture, we begin to understand in some small measure how things work and where we fit in the big picture.

  2. So … Don Miller makes it clear that Jesus isn’t the answer to having a more enjoyable life on earth. In fact, by following Christ we tend to inherit a ton of problems. This is why lots of Christians (including me, at times) are kind of miserable. It can be hard to really embrace and enjoy the pain, you know? I thought this video clip would include a message of finding joy admidst the struggle here on earth but I didn’t catch it 😦 Am I missing something?

  3. The video is just a brief segment of a larger discussion. So I imagine that if he spoke to what you were hoping to get from the clip, it very well could have come at different point in his talk.

    According to his blog post, the talk will soon be available for download. It’s also focused around his most recent book, which I’ve linked above. I’ve read it and found it to be both challenging and uplifting.

  4. it is interesting, b/c i have many friends who went from an evangelical upbringing to atheism, and even with bazan going agnostic is another example, and saying how much happier they are now. to me, i would always say that no one is actually convinced that there is no God, they’re just mad at God. that’s clearly too broad of a statement – but it shows so clearly with “new atheism” ala dawkins & co., b/c they are so full of vitriol. but, yeah, it was always hard for me to reconcile loving jesus & feeling so depressed. good vid.

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