With Glowing Hearts – Vancouver 2010

The 2010 Winter Olympics kick of with tonight’s opening ceremonies and I couldn’t be more excited!

I really enjoy the winter games. I think much of it comes from the fact that you get to see so many sports that don’t get much attention during other times of the year; Bobsledding, Speed Skating, etc. But this year I have a few other reasons to be excited about the games.

For one, the host city is Vancouver. It’s a city that’s pretty high on my list of  “favorite-cities-I-have-yet-to-visit.” Partially because of my fondness for Canada, but also because of the breathtaking mountain scenery and the overall culture of the Pacific Northwest. I really hope I get the chance to visit Vancity in person one of these days.

We also have some local rooting interest in this year’s games as Rochester native Ryan Callahan will be playing hockey for Team USA. Not to mention Sabres’ goalie Ryan Miller, who we had the privilege of watching play for several seasons here with the Amerks.

Just about the only thing I don’t enjoy about the Winter Olympics is figure skating. I really don’t enjoy sporting events where the winners and losers are determined by judges (who are often biased and corrupt). Especially when bedazzled costumes are involved. If every contestant skated their routine flawlessly, it really should be impossible for the judges to determine a winner. Which is why I root for them to fall during their jumps. At least then we can say that the ones who didn’t fall probably deserved to win.

Tonight our family will be making popcorn and curling up on the couch to watch the opening ceremonies. And I wouldn’t be surprised if we sang along with the anthem.

With glowing hearts we see thee rise, the True North strong and free …

Do you plan to tune in to the Winter Olympics? What events are your favorites?


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