Tiger’s Back!

It was announced earlier today that Tiger Woods will make his return to the PGA Tour at the Masters Tournament in April. This marks the first time Tiger has entered a tournament since his numerous extra-marital affairs became public following a bizarre traffic accident in November.

The Masters is by far my favorite golf event of the year. It’s scheduled viewing in our home and has been ever since Tiger pulled on his first green jacket at age 21. The Masters is a great tournament that always showcases the world’s best golfers on one of the sport’s premiere stages. But watching Tiger at the Masters … now that’s something special.

After Tiger’s infidelity became fodder for TMZ and the late-night talk shows, I was disappointed with the prospect of watching the Masters this year without him. No one knew how long his hiatus would last. But everyone agreed that the PGA Tour is better with him on it.

So let me be among the first to welcome Tiger back. He has a long way to go before his family and career are fully restored – if that were ever truly possible. But I’m pulling for him. And I’d enjoy nothing more than to watch him pull on another green jacket at Augusta.


3 thoughts on “Tiger’s Back!

  1. Glad he’s back to golf, now ratings, revenue and interest can get back to where they were, but can we now cease hearing about his weiner and it’s many adventures? And can those cocktail waitresses and porn stars get off my TV now?

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