President Obama calls Sudan a “high priority”

At a recent town hall hosted by MTV, President Obama was asked what he would to do to ensure that war did not break out in Sudan as a result of the upcoming referendum.

In his response he mentioned how the situation in Sudan is one example of how young people have “taken the lead” on important issues. He also gave credit to the Bush administration for the work they had done in brokering a peace agreement between Northern and Southern Sudan.

He then encouraged those listening to “put pressure” on their elected representatives to get involved with the situation in Sudan.

One way that you can “put pressure” on our leaders is to add your name to Sudan Action Now’s open letter to President Obama. His administration has referred to Sudan as a “ticking time bomb,” and with less than 90 days left before the referendum in Southern Sudan the time for our voices to be heard has never been more urgent.

Please, add your name to the petition and tell our elected leaders that we care about the peace and safety of the people of Southern Sudan.


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