Genesee Beer

The Genesee Brewing Company has been making beer at the same High Falls location since 1878.

It withstood Prohibition, numerous ownership changes and the more recent consumer trend toward “craft” brews. Through it all it has dutifully rolled out barrel after barrel of Genny for generations of Western New Yorkers to enjoy.

It’s about darn time someone paid homage to this Rochester institution in the form of a song.

Genesee Beer – The Chinchillas


7 thoughts on “Genesee Beer

  1. Catchy tune…a bit twangy for what I’d think of as being “Rochester-esque” and the refrain gets a bit overly repetitive but I could see this going over well at some of the local drinking establishments. Especially those in the 315 area code.

  2. This has been out for a while. They play it on the Breakfast Buzz sometimes when they announce Kimberly’s name in their promos. LOL Catchy, yes. However, I can not listen to it more than one time.

  3. This song has been going through my head ever since I heard it playing in the house music between sets at a Sore Thumb Radio event Violet Mary was playing. That was July. Guess I’ll have it until 2011 now.

  4. Love the song, but i’ve never tried the beer. i’ve seen it in stores only once, in Eugene, Oregon. Oh well, i’ll be on the lookout!

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