Love Wins: Introduction

“God loves us.

God offers us everlasting life by grace, freely given through no merit on our part.

Unless you do not respond the right way.

Then God will torture you forever in hell.”


Welcome to our community dialogue about Rob Bell’s new book Love Wins. Now that the book has been released and most people have received the copies they’ve ordered online, we will begin our discussion Monday, March 21st.

This conversation is open to anyone who is reading – or has already read – Bell’s book. Our intent is not to debate whether or not Bell is a Universalist, a false teacher, or any other labels placed on him by certain segments of the Church. We will instead limit our discussion to the ideas presented in the book.

That being said, I’m really looking forward to reading through this book with everyone and discussing the ideas that Rob Bell presents. We’ll tackle this book a chapter at a time, with a new chapter discussed every 2-3 days.

In the meantime, why not take a moment to introduce yourselves? Oh, and here’s the book’s preface as read by Rob Bell.

Love Wins – Rob Bell

Love Wins: Our Discussion
1 – What About the Flat Tire?
2 – Here is the New There
3 – Hell
4 – Does God Get What God Wants?
5 – Dying to Live
6 – There Are Rocks Everywhere
7 – The Good News is Better Than That
8 – The End is Here


5 thoughts on “Love Wins: Introduction

  1. I’m Shane. Primary resident of this here blog. I’m the Marketing Manager for a not-for-profit in Rochester, NY. Thirty-five years old, one wife, two kids, a dog and 2/3 of a stockade fence. Almost the American dream.

  2. Thanks for the invite to discuss this, Shane. My name is Jesse. 26 year old pastor wannabe. Currently, I work for a nonprofit in Colorado doing various odds and ends: marketing, writing, research, etc.

    Married almost 7 years, kid due in June.

    Spend a lot of time thinking about theology, eclesiology, etc.

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