South Sudan, Oyee!

Yesterday I was privileged enough to celebrate the birth of the new nation of South Sudan with several Sudanese members of our community.

One of the highlights of the celebration was when we joined them in singing the new South Sudan national anthem for the very first time. There was so much joy on their faces as they sang these wonderful, powerful words:

Oh God!
We praise and glorify you for your grace upon Cush,
The land of great warriors and origin of the world’s civilization.

Oh Cush!
Arise, shine, raise your flag with the guiding star,
And sing songs of freedom with joy,
For peace, liberty and justice shall forever more reign.

So Lord bless South Sudan!

Oh black warriors!
Let’s stand up in silence and respect,
Saluting millions of martyrs whose blood cemented our national foundation.
We vow to protect our nation.

Oh Eden!
Land of milk and honey and hard-working people,
Uphold us united in peace and harmony.
The Nile, valleys, forests and mountains shall be our sources of joy and pride.

So Lord bless South Sudan!

Lord, bless South Sudan indeed.


One thought on “South Sudan, Oyee!

  1. It should be noted that there are several versions of the South Sudan anthem floating around the web. Some are basically the same as this while the other (most likely the official) one is quite a bit different except for verse three.

    The one I’ve posted is the version we sang yesterday.

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