Music for Lent.

Hopefully this Lenten season will be one of great reflection and renewal for those of you who are on a faith journey.

If you’re anything like me, one of the ways that you connect with God the most is through music. There isn’t a moment of the day that I don’t have music playing. (Unfortunately this has been known to drive my wife crazy on occasion.)

Here are a few playlist recommendations to accompany you on your journey:

Songs for Lent – New York Hymns

Songs for Lent is a collection of 20 songs based on the stations of the cross. It was released on Ash Wednesday of 2011 by a group of 26 musicians called New York Hymns.

The album features new arrangements of classic hymns written by the likes of Isaac Watts and Charles Wesley, as well as a number original songs.

You can download the album for free at NoiseTrade, though perhaps you’ll consider leaving them a tip. All proceeds will be donated to Plywood People, a unique not for profit that creates jobs for refugees in need of income.

Jesus is Nailed to the Cross (Station 11)

Feedback – Derek Webb

Feedback is an experimental instrumental worship offering by Derek Webb. It is based on the Lord’s prayer and is presented in three movements.

I’ve recently revisited this album after having it in heavy rotation several months ago. It can be a bit abstract at times, but I find the swirling melodies and ambient moments to be very peaceful.

You can download the first movement of this album here. The full-length version is available on all the digital download sites.

Our Father in Heaven

Rich & Poor – Robbie Seay Band

The Robbie Seay Band has been one of my favorite Christian bands for a number of years. I really appreciate their lyrical depth and sound. Rich & Poor is their latest release. The title track could easily be the soundtrack for his brother’s (Chris Seay) book which I’m using as my devotional this year for Lent.

The production quality is really great. I think that it might be their most complex and best engineered release to date. You can purchase the album directly from the band here.

Sing to Jesus


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