Pete Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame

Pete Rose should not be reinstated by Major League Baseball. Betting on baseball has been the game’s cardinal sin since the Chicago “Black Sox” scandal of 1919. It is strictly prohibited, whether betting for or against one’s team, and it carries with it a lifetime ban. This is made clear to players at every level throughout their career. Rose agreed to those terms by being a player and manager with MLB, and he agreed to his permanent suspension when it was ordered in 1989.

Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame. The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is just that, a museum that celebrates the game and history of the sport of baseball. It is not Major League Baseball’s museum. It is not a subsidiary of Major League Baseball and its inductees are not determined by the league. If the Hall belongs to anyone, it’s baseball fans.

Pete Rose is the all-time leader in hits and games played. No one ever stepped into the batter’s box more times than Rose, and no one recorded more hits. He’s a 3x World Series champion, a 17x All-Star, 3x league batting champion, and an MVP. There isn’t a baseball fan alive who would argue his credentials are not worthy of induction.

Pete Rose bet on baseball. He should never work in any capacity for a team affiliated with Major League Baseball at any level. That’s his cross to bear. But Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame. His career deserves to be celebrated by fans.


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