Let’s change some lives together.

Hello friends.

I want to invite you to do something truly special with me.

As many of you know, in recent years I’ve become an avid runner. In 2018 I participated in nearly 20 races, including my first ever half-marathon.

Of all the races I run each year, the most important one to me is the Ugandan Water Project 5K. It supports the work of some truly amazing friends of mine. The UWP works tirelessly to help change lives by providing clean drinking water solutions for some of the poorest communities in the world. Their work is both highly innovative and sustainable; resulting in reduced rates of disease and higher levels of education among children in the communities they serve.

This year’s race takes place on Saturday, April 20 at Powder Mills Park in Pittsford, NY.

Instead of my usual fundraising goal of a couple hundred dollars, I’ve decided to dream a little bigger. I’m asking my friends to partner with me to raise $3,600, the cost to build one rain water collection and filtration system for a community in Uganda.

I admit, this goal seems little crazy. It’s more than ten times what I’ve raised for this event in the past. There is no way I can possibly reach it without your help.

So, here’s my plea.

Please consider donating to this great cause and helping me reach this goal. Anything you can give is appreciated, and the dollars we raise together will have direct, life-changing impact on the community we’re serving for many years to come.

That’s it.

I hope you’ll join me.
Shane Bertou


More information:
Ugandan Water Project

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