We’re running for Gavin!

I don’t remember any of the words I prayed that day as I sat with Gavin’s mother and father in the NICU at Golisano Children’s Hospital. I just remember feeling so completely inadequate and unprepared. What could anyone possibly say to bring comfort to a situation like that?

Jason, a lifelong friend, and his wife Christie should have been enjoying time with their newborn son at home. But instead they were there at the hospital, fearing the worst for their child.

Doctors discovered a hole in Gavin’s tiny heart shortly after he was born. The only thing that could save his life would be for him to undergo open-heart surgery; a terrifying procedure at any age but especially risky for newborns. Even more so for a newborn who had also been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis.

All anyone could do was pray for a miracle. So we did.

Today that little miracle is a rambunctious and vibrant two year old boy who grows bigger and stronger each day. While he and his family still have to work hard every day to manage his Cystic Fibrosis, including the occasional stay at Golisano Hospital for treatment, his heart is strong and full of love.

Gavin has been identified as one of the Miracle Kids for this weekend’s fundraising activities for the Golisano Children’s Hospital. There is no doubt that Gavin is here today because of the skill and expertise of the doctors and staff at Golisano. And this weekend we have an opportunity to give back to this vital community asset.

My son Josiah and I will be running in the 16th Annual Golisano Children’s Hospital Stroll for Strong Kids 5k. We each have a sponsorship page with a modest goal of raising $50 to support the people who have given our dear friends more than money could ever repay. We’d be thrilled if you would consider helping us reach our goal.

Josiah’s page (Pssst.. Please help him reach his goal first!)
Shane’s page