The State of the Union

During President Obama’s run for the presidency there were few people more vocal in their support of his candidacy than myself. And I took alot of heat for it at the time. I probably lost a friend or two … burned a bridge or two … but at the time I felt that it was worth the sacrifice. Here we are one year later. And to be honest, I find myself struggling to articulate what I think about what has happened over the past 12 months. The health care battle has been disheartening. Many of us feel that the current … Continue reading The State of the Union

Your turn Hannity.

Conservative radio talk-show host Mancow – who had been very vocal in his belief that waterboarding was not torture – agreed to have the tecnique done to him live on his radio show yesterday. He lasted six seconds and was pretty much completely freaked out after it was over. I’m wondering when Sean Hannity will make good on his pledge to have it done to him for charity. Or maybe talk-radio blowhards should just defer to some of our servicemen who have been waterboarded such as this former Navy SEAL . Continue reading Your turn Hannity.

Welcoming the Stranger

There’s a very interesting interview posted on Christianity Today with Jenny Hwang, Director of Advocacy and Policy for World Relief. She has also co-authored a recent book titled Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Compassion & Truth in the Immigration Debate. In it she discusses how she has reconciled her belief in theĀ  “rule of law” regarding the immigration issue, with her role at World Relief which advocates for immigration reform. She talks about a number of misconceptions regarding both illegal and legal immigrants in the United States. She also paints a picture of the middle ground that is emerging in the … Continue reading Welcoming the Stranger