You’ve come a long way baby. (And we still have a long way to go!)

In honor of today being International Women’s Day here’s a great motion graphic presentation that highlights the economic opportunities of women around the world. It’s a tribute to how far women have come in society, as well as a sobering reminder of how far they have yet to go. Continue reading You’ve come a long way baby. (And we still have a long way to go!)

Said Musa has been released!

According to a reports, Said Musa – who was sentenced to death for converting to Christianity – has been freed from prison and has been safely transported out of Afghanistan! Sources indicate that he was actually released on February 21st, but due to the sensitivity of the situation, officials acted in secrecy until he was secure. Little is known about the events, but it has been reported that both the U.S. and Italian Embassies offered him asylum. Continue reading Said Musa has been released!

“My body is theirs to do what they want with.”

If you find yourself short on heroes these days, please allow me to introduce you to Said Musa. In a few short days he is scheduled to be executed in Afghanistan. His crime? Converting to Christianity. Said Musa (also; Sayd Musa, Sayed Mossa) is an amputee; having lost his leg in a land mine explosion in the 1990s. For the past 15 years he has worked with the Red Cross, bringing relief to other amputees as a physiotherapist. For the past eight months he has been held prisoner in Kabul after a television station showed Westerners baptizing new Afghani Christians during secret … Continue reading “My body is theirs to do what they want with.”

We’re entering a film contest!

Some of you may remember that, back in July, Don Miller sent me an advanced copy of his latest book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. It was a book that I really enjoyed reading and have since passed on to others. Don’s book really challenged me to consider the type of story I was telling with my life, and to make changes that would help me tell an even better one. It also helped me realize that, as a parent, it should be my passion to help my children tell the best story possible with their own lives. … Continue reading We’re entering a film contest!

In Haiti: “Young girls are ripe for the worst you can imagine.”

In Port-au-Prince, amidst the rubble and human heartache, the darkest manifestation of human depravity is rearing its ugly head. Sex-traffickers, finding easy prey among Haiti’s homeless youth, are seizing the opportunity to capitalize on the hopelessness so many of that nation’s young people now face. Mark Driscoll witnessed such an incident first hand during his recent trip to the devastated capital. He talked about his experience in an interview with USA Today. We were downtown loading up our film crew. There were no police, no medics, to be seen by a huge park with hundreds of people camping out with … Continue reading In Haiti: “Young girls are ripe for the worst you can imagine.”

Mark Driscoll Tweets from Hell

Over the past couple of days I have been following pastor Mark Driscoll’s Tweets from Haiti. He is on the ground in Port-au-Prince with a team of pastors and other church leaders he helped form called Churches Helping Churches. They are there ministering to churches, pastors and the people of Haiti during this time of immense crisis. These Tweets have been chilling to say the least. Here are some examples. Landed in hell but doing well. The soldiers first words off the plane were u will now see a crisis of biblical proportions. about 23 hours ago Just bought ice … Continue reading Mark Driscoll Tweets from Hell

Haitian Earthquake Relief: Don’t forget the little guys!

I have had more than one person reach out to me recently asking for suggestions of reputable agencies to which they could donate money to help the Haiti relief effort. While there are any number of well-kown organizations I could direct them to, I wanted to take moment to encourage others to consider the “little guys” when choosing where to give. When major disasters such as Hurricane Katrina or the earthquake in Haiti strike there are literally millions of people who spring into action by donating money to agencies providing relief. Typically speaking it is the biggest organizations that receive … Continue reading Haitian Earthquake Relief: Don’t forget the little guys!

Thanks for giving!

I just wanted to say a quick thanks to the 33 people who supported our effort to help feed Rochester’s homeless on Thankgiving. Open Door Mission served between 350 and 400 meals that day, so your contributions made a significant impact! Here’s a link to an article about the Open Door Misson’s efforts, as well as those of other homeless shelters around the Rochester community. Again, thannks for giving! Continue reading Thanks for giving!

Welcoming the Stranger

There’s a very interesting interview posted on Christianity Today with Jenny Hwang, Director of Advocacy and Policy for World Relief. She has also co-authored a recent book titled Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Compassion & Truth in the Immigration Debate. In it she discusses how she has reconciled her belief in the  “rule of law” regarding the immigration issue, with her role at World Relief which advocates for immigration reform. She talks about a number of misconceptions regarding both illegal and legal immigrants in the United States. She also paints a picture of the middle ground that is emerging in the … Continue reading Welcoming the Stranger