A Place at the Table: Days 11-16

If you’re anything like me you probably started this fast off all gung-ho and rearing to go. On Ash Wednesday I got up early, took the dog for a walk before sunrise and then got right to business doing the readings and spending time in prayer. I felt great throughout the day as I ate my rice and beans for lunch and meditated on what I had read that morning. I even took some time away from the office to attend an Ash Wednesday service at an Episcopalian church in town.

Then Thursday came. I woke up late, scrambled out the door, hurriedly did  my reading during a break at work and really gave it no further thought until I repeated the process the next day.

I had found a great rhythm on the first day and the whole thing was shot by day two. You may have even noticed that I neglected to share my thoughts here for the past several days as well.

Perhaps your experience has been similar. Maybe it’s time for a reboot.

In the discussion questions for the second DVD segment it asks the following. I think this could be a good jumping off point for the next few days of discussion.

What are some places you feel closest to the Lord? During the 40 days, what scheduling adjustments could you make to spend time in these places? What might you do in these places?