Robbie Seay Band – Miracle

Robbie Seay Band – Miracle I really enjoy the Robbie Seay Band and have been anxious to hear new music from them for quite some time now. Their new single “Miracle” was made available on iTunes today. Hopefully this means a new album is soon to follow. I’ve never had the chance to see them perform live, but have heard great things about their shows. They’re on the road now if you’d like to check them out in your area. Hopefully they’ll come around sooner or later. Continue reading Robbie Seay Band – Miracle

Jennifer Knapp is back!

Jennifer Knapp has emerged from her (very) long hiatus. This week she posted a note to fans announcing her return on her website. And just to prove she’s truly back she posted a new song to her MySpace page which you can hear below. According to her MySpace page more songs are expected to be posted in the coming months. I’ve seen Jennifer Knapp in concert a few times and she is – in my opinion – one of the best Christian performers I’ve seen. I was disappointed by her disappearance from the CCM scene but am really glad she’s … Continue reading Jennifer Knapp is back!

New Josh Garrels!

This was an unexpected surprise! Later this month Josh Garrels will be releasing an EP titled Lost Animals. The 10-song CD will feature a collection of b-sides, singles and “soundtrack work” and can be pre-ordered here. I’ve uploaded the tune “All Creatures” for you to check out. You can also hear several other songs from the album streaming on his website. Josh Garrels – All Creatures Continue reading New Josh Garrels!

Stockholm Syndrome

On Tuesday, May 19th Derek Webb launched a marketing campaign for his new album Stockholm Syndrome which is by far one of the most creative ways of releasing an album I’ve ever seen. (It’s kind of like a svanger hunt with the feel of the TV show Lost.) If anyone is interested in following along, I’ll be tracking developments in the comments section as they come in and posting tunes here as they’re made available. What Matters More? Heaven The Spirit Vs. The Kick Drum Freddie, Please Continue reading Stockholm Syndrome

Has Derek Webb crossed the line?

Just what line we don’t know. But according to a cryptic email sent to members of his mailing list this week, Derek Webb has apparently pushed the envelope a little too far for Christian label INO Records.  Here’s the email in its entirety: i haven’t sent many personal emails to this email list but we’re in a situation that has gotten a little out of control and it’s time to fill you in. as some of you may know, i’ve been working for months on my new record, ‘stockholm syndrome’, which i’ve recently finished and turned in to the record … Continue reading Has Derek Webb crossed the line?

Derek Joseph & Isaiah Six

I’ve been talking up NoiseTrade here for quite some time. And I never miss an opportunity to shine the spotlight on Rochester either. So when an band from our fair city turns up on NoiseTrade you know I’m gonna give some love. Anyone who was around during the Ardent Faith Community days may remember Joe Courtney. He used to come to some of the RELEVANT Issues discussions. He plays guitar for the band Isaiah Six. And they just posted their album “Jealous One” on Noisetrade. If you like Chris Tomlin and other worship/rock bands like that, give them a listen. … Continue reading Derek Joseph & Isaiah Six

“Funny the Way It Is”

On June 2 the Dave Matthews Band is scheduled to release their first album since the tragic passing of founding member and saxophonist LeRoi Moore last summer. The album is titled Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King, a tribute to the late Moore whose nickname was “Grux,” and features his last work with the band. The album’s first single “Funny the Way It Is” has been released as a free download on the band’s website. I’m not sure how many DMB fans we have trolling around here, but I really dig the direction of this tune. It’s pretty progressive (aggressive?) … Continue reading “Funny the Way It Is”

12 Tunes of Christmas – The Recap (2007)

I had alot of fun doing this little countdown. I got some great feedback, so I know some of you enjoyed it just as much. For me the most enjoyable part was scouring the internet for free downloads. I dug up a ton of great stuff that didn’t make the list this time around. I just may have to make this a holiday tradition! (Thanks to Amy for the bandwidth.) 12. Over the Rhine – Darlin’ Christmas is Coming 11. Louis Armstrong – ‘Zat You Santa Claus? 10. The Polyphonic Spree – Happy Xmas (War is Over) 9. Bing Crosby … Continue reading 12 Tunes of Christmas – The Recap (2007)

Could vinyl’s resurgence be the death of the CD?

My friend Ben insists that vinyl will never die. He’s so convinced of this that his wife bought him an old turntable on eBay for his birthday a few years back. He was elated! I mocked him. Since then, I’ve taken to buying him records every time I spot a rare jewel in a thrift store. I sift through the discarded LPs to dig up the one album that to me is quintessential “vinyl.” My retro scavenger hunt has added records to Ben’s collection like the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, STYX’s “Mr. Roboto” single and the Village People. Then there … Continue reading Could vinyl’s resurgence be the death of the CD?