Caption This:


16 thoughts on “Caption This:

  1. Bush 1 – “It’s not prudent that they stuck me all the way back here!”

    Obama – “Seriously…did they have to stick me between the Bushes”

    Bush 2 – “Which camera am I looking at?”

    Clinton – “Little do they know what I used these couches for!”

    Carter – “Someone Change my daiper!”

  2. ironic that jimmy’s on the far right

    he sent me a xmas card. hooray. and if oliver stone’s W is accurate at all, it would seem that w would prefer to have either obama or clinton next to him instead of his father.

  3. Actually I find it interesting that probably the most liberal of all those presidents are wearing Red ties, and the more conservatives are wearing blue. (While I wouldn’t consider Obama “conservative”…I would think he’s a little more to the center then Clinton and Carter).

  4. good grief!

    clinton was center-left
    carter was just left
    bush 1 was center right
    bush 2 was center right (he definitely wasn’t conservative)
    and obama is no where near the center. he’s just left-left-left-left.

  5. This is why I love the people I roll with.

    Tim has the same laundry list of reasons why Obama’s a no good centrist.

    Stem (and Jess in a comment from a long time ago) have already resigned themselves to believe that Obama is “the most liberal President ever.”

    Despite my reputation. I’m only two clicks left of center. I’m a Reagan Obamamaniac. Can such a thing exist? 😆

  6. ronald (6) wilson (6) reagan (6) = antichrist

    that’s why he only ate the red jelly beans 🙂

    and as the loony leftist, i’d like to just say that it’s basically elemental requirements that universal health care, immediate de-escalation and ASAP end of both wars, clean alternative energy, end of the death penalty, IMMEDIATE OVERTURNING AND APOLOGIZING FOR THE PATRIOT ACT (we’ve now had 2 inaugurations where the person being sworn in lied when they said they would defend the constitution), etc. etc. etc. are required. i like obama as a dude, but he as a politician meets none of those requirements. so, people can yell “commie pinko left winger!” all they want, but it’s simply not the case. he’s a centrist – nearly everyone in the entire congress is…and that’s why nothing really changes.

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