Nyack’s Got Talent

There’s no shortage of talented musicians who have at one time or another called Nyack College home. But I’m not sure if any of them have ever had as bright a spotlight shined on them as Rashida Jolley’s (’03) recent performance on America’s Got Talent.

Cheryl and I watched her performance on the show the other night, but I never put two and two together until a bunch of other Nyack alumni started Tweeting the heck out of this video. She was there after my time on “The Hillside”, but I do remember seeing her on campus and hearing her play her harp when I worked at the school.

I guess I know who the Bertou household is rooting for!

5 thoughts on “Nyack’s Got Talent

  1. not that i found it, but i am taking credit for letting you know about this one…
    anyways..i hope she does great in this competition
    now always we need is a shout out to josh tillman aka j tillman

  2. yeah i googled her and it looks like all around she hasn’t been doing too bad for herself! 😉 i am sure it was the nyack education that started it all off!

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